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UKI-Agility-Red Hot Rovers

December Red Hot Rover UKI trial at Argus Ranch in Auburn WA is now OPEN. The information below was sent by trial secretary Christine Vosburgh vosburghc@msn.com Premium is here

Besides offering Speedstakes and International Classes we will also be having a Master Series Heat which consists of an agility and jumping run with prize money being awarded!  You can read all about it on page 3 of the premium. They will be doing a DogToy exchange as well.
Judges are:  Heather Kaluza-Friday and Saturday
Robyn Veenema – Sunday

The schedule and classes are below.
Friday Afternoon-Trial Opens: 11 AM
Briefing/Walk Thru: 11:30 PM
Afternoon Runs Start at 12 PM

Friday Evening- Trial Opens: 6 PM
Briefing/Walk Thru: 6:00 PM
Evening Runs Start at 6:30 PM

Saturday/Sunday-Trial opens: 8:00 AM
Briefing/Walk Thru: 8:30 AM
Judging Starts: 9:00 AM

Ring1 Agility – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners, Nursery
Ring2 Speedstakes – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring1 Agility 2 – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners

EVENING RUNS – Starting at 6:30 PM

Ring1 Agility 3 – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring2 Jumping – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners

SAT & SUN RUNS – Starting at 8:00 AM

Ring1 Agility – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring2 Jumping – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring 1 Masters Heat Agility – All Levels
Ring 2 Masters Heat Jumping – All Levels
Ring1 Agility 2 – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring2 Speedstakes- Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring1 Gamblers – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring 2 Speedstakes – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring 1 Agility – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring 2 Speedstakes2 – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring 1 Agility 2 – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring 2 Jumping- Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners


The popular $5 Redo Runs will be available for every class!

You must be entered in the regular run to be eligible to pay $5 to redo the run again as ‘Not For Competition’ at the end of the class. Sign up for this is on the day of the trial.

If you have not tried UKI you are missing THE most competitor friendly venue.

Bitches in season are allowed to run at the end of each class.  See page 5 of premium for more details. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – You can enter your first trial without registering. NFC OPTION- Any run can be made ‘Not for Competition’! Use entire course time for training contacts, weaves, start lines or other things, with any non-audible training aid. No food. FRIENDLY JUMP HEIGHT OPTIONS- Any class can be done with Select Jump Height option. No spreads and your dog jumps one height lower. SPEED STAKES PROGRAM- Want to do just jumps and tunnels with your dog? This is the perfect program for any dog that is young, undergoing rehab, unmotivated on standard courses, or needs work at keeping up bars at high speeds. INTERNATIONAL STYLE COURSE DESIGN- Want to try something a little bit different? UKI courses are designed with a touch of the European flair. They are always fun but just a bit more interesting.

AKC-Obedience & Rally- Seminar for new Regualtions

AKC logoIf you show– or plan on showing– in AKC Obedience &/or Rally, then you need to make time on Thanksgiving Weekend to attend the Judges Education Seminar that is open to the dog sport community. Saturday  11/28 is Obedience and Sunday 11/29  is Rally.  Pre-Registration closes November 18th!! Click on this link  http://clubs.akc.org/saints/Archives/Seminar.pdf  to download the registration form (pre-registration closes 11-18-15) and mail to the address noted on the form.

NEW Regulations will be taking effect on December 1st. Now is the time to bone-up and review the changes! There will be demonstrations (dog and handler in a ring) for the various exercises and how they are performed and scored. Including the new Scent Discrimination, Utility & Graduate Open Moving Stand For Examination, and the Novice Group Exercises.

The event will be held at Family Dog Training Center, 1515 Central Ave S Kent WA.

Here is a link to the new Obedience Regulations on the AKC site that take effect 12/15/15.

Here is the link to the Rally Regulations on the AKC site which were last updated 5/15.

Know Before You Show!!

The Format for Getting Posted

Logos are powerful so if you club has one feel free to send it along for potential use in the blog or newsletter

One of my goals for this blog is to help folks market events of all sorts to the dog sport community. In the Pacific Northwest (PNW), we haven’t had a place to share information about trials and seminars and fund raisers for close to a decade. So we are long over due in this information age.

My time has gotten very tight this past year so the best way to help me help you is by sending me your information in a specific format that is easy for our readers to scan or search–especially on our phones! I expect that I will paste information into the blog as it comes in and re-paste it to the newsletters for weekly dissemination.

How do you get your upcoming event listed on K9EventsNW??  Like all other dog sports you have to follow some simple rules to help out the admin person. You will be sending an email to :

Theresa@k9EvetnsNW.com  with the subject line:  Event to Post

In the body you will tell me –in this order–

Type of Event: trial, workshop, seminar, fun match, special class, fund raiser,

Type of sport or subject(if one or two apply): Agility, Herding , Obedience, Barn Hunt, Rally, Hunt, Field, Earth dog, TTouch, Movement, Conditioning, Nose Work–you get the idea

Type of organization affiliation (if there is one): AKC, ASCA, AHBA, TDAA, USDAA…there are many

Club/Business/Person sponsoring the event and their website or email address and the person doing the admin for the event (if different) and their email.

Brief description of event with location and link to flier/premium (if possible or the email of person who can send that information). Don’t forget to give any deadlines or costs or specifications that customers may need to know about.

Don’t forget that we have folks on the mailing lists all the way up in Alaska and over to Montana as well as Washington Oregon and Idaho. I suspect in time some Californians will show up too.



NADAC -agility trial-ZAP Thanksgiving

ZAP_Agility-Club_blue_smSome folks go to the Nutcracker or have pictures taken with Santa the day after Thanksgiving but agility folks have annual trials to mark the holiday season.

ZAP is Nov. 27th -29th, 2015 At Argus Ranch in Auburn WA. It is inside on dirt– two rings and the two judges this year are some of my favorite NADAC judges Susan Perry (Port Orchard, WA) and Keri Daun (Calgary, AB).

Pre entries close in just a couple of weeks so get your entries in soon to receive the multi-run discounts. Monitor their website to see if there will be any day of runs available.

You can enter online at http://www.alldogsonline.com and choose to pay by debit / credit card OR mail us your payment, or print out a premium at link above and mail in your entry and payment.

Katrina Tustin  is the trial secretary and can be reached at Info@AllDogsOnline.com if you have questions.


Regular 1 & 2




Touch N Go


Regular 1 & 2



Touch N Go



Regular 1 & 2




Numbered Hoopers


Have you heard about Patti Schaefer?

Some of you have already heard thru the freestyle community and from old school agility folks as well as thru FaceBook that Dr Patti Schaefer has broken a hip. She is healing nicely but will not be able to get back to work for some time–she is a sports vet doing chiropractic, acupuncture and cold laser at various locations in Olympia, Tacoma and Kent.

Recently a GoFundMe account was set up to help her with all the bills that come when you are self employed and not on your feet for months (where the heck is that duck when you need him!!). Here is a link to the site and Patti’s story. The initial goal has been met but if you are just hearing about it please feel free to continue helping out. As Patti lets us know in her update, Seaquin is still boarding until she is STEADY on her feet and can bring him home. Then she has to be cleared to drive all over the countryside again!!

Seminar-Obedience-Matthew Twitty Nov 7 & 8 & 9

had to use the pic with Boston Terrier puppy!!
had to use the pic with Boston Terrier puppy!!
Family Dog Training Center in Kent WA is hosting Matthew Twitty on November 7 (Happy Heeling) & 8 (Open& Utility) & 9 (Private Lessons). Matthew’s students and seminar participants on the East Coast rave about him. He works with a wide range of folks and dogs teaching the skills to get perfect scores, but presented for regular people and dogs. Lots of problem solving opportunities. Lots of different breeds train with him.

Here’s a link to the online registration—https://familydogonline.dogbizpro.com/Public/Registration/Index.aspx?tab=events As of this writing there are plenty of auditing spots but only ONE Saturday working spot, One Saturday & Sunday working spot and FOUR Sunday working spots. There may also be a few spots left for Monday private lessons:
Here’s a link to the PDF flyer if you would like to pass the information on:
FULL DISCLOSURE—I am the office lady at Family Dog AND I am going to be at this seminar. Some of you know I NEVER do seminars because I barely process all the information my instructors have been telling me for years! But, as I will discuss in future blog posts, I think I am better able to process additional information about how to train my next performance puppy for competition obedience because I have a better picture of what I am working towards. And by jingo who doesn’t want Happy Heeling!!

Some dets (as the kids say) about Matt: Matt has a newer border collie he just brought out in Open two weeks ago. Three legs in a row with scores above 198. A couple months prior he just brought the dog out in Novice and earned her CD with two HITs. Between those two things he went to a Florida invitational obedience competition and went HIT over 300 other dogs. His dogs are not perfect; he’s been very open about sharing his struggles and creative ways he’s working through his dogs’ problems on his social media.
Matt’s website is somewhat limited as he’s working to get it updated:
http://www.lakelandcanineacademy.com/ Lots more info and videos of him and his dogs on his Facebook page:

Elma New Year’s agility trial is now open!!

it is that time again--Boston @ Elma hosting the all breed AKC agility trial
it is that time again–Boston @ Elma hosting the all breed AKC agility trial

Trial-Agility-AKC BTCWW all breed agility trial opened 10/9 and closes 12/18. Two Rings indoors on dirt Two Judges Three Days.

You may enter online at www.akc.org using your “My AKC” account or download the premium from site under the Upcoming Events page

I am your trial secretary so email me at Theresa@K9EventsNW.com with BTCWW NEW YEARS in the subject line as I will have multiple trials open.

We are offering all levels all three days but remember for this trial the club likes Saturday and Sunday to have FAST and T2B run first so we have a little time in case the roads are less than perfect (they say a mild wet winter but who knows three months down the road).

Please note!! For this event we have first dog on the line Friday at 10am. That is  AFTER we build the rings and set up the trial so plan on arriving a little early to help get set up. It is just too expensive for the club to pay for Thursday set up—it is not just the facility it is also the extra lodging and such.


Testing Testing Is this thing on????

So the idea is that folks will use the email sign up on the left to get on the  email list…the email list being sent once a week to tell dog sport enthusiasts and their human staff about events that are taking place.

The blog spot is going to be used to put the event information out as it comes in and gets processed (like Velveeta all the best things are processed so they are creamy and easy to understand) as well as a platform to talk about trends and issues in dog sport related topics like RVing and training and health and knitting.

Figures crossed as I am still working on widgets to help both you and me get this extension of the K9EventsNW services up and running.

everything in my life has dog hair so why not this blog
everything in my life has dog hair so why not this blog

Life is Dog

Welcome to the Life is Dog blog site of K9EventsNW.

Once I figure out how to work this thing, I am hoping to use it to post upcoming events and trials that the Pacific Northwest dog sport community is interested in knowing about. I hope to expand our offering to include issues, topics, opportunities and items that I think the dog sport enthusiast and its human training partner might find interesting.