AKC-Agility-BTCWW all breed trial in Lakebay WA

See you in August in Lakebay

Yeah the premium is here for the  Boston Terrier Club of W Wa  August agility trial.

This celebration of the long history of AKC all breed agility on the Key Peninsula is just like it was “back in the day” with two rings outside on grass and one judge–so excited to get to work with Zach Davis this year.

We will be at Volunteer Park in Lakebay WA  August 5, 6 & 7. Which is Saturday, Sunday & MONDAY this year and means we can have All Levels on all three days.

The park has a family movie night on Friday so we will do set up in the afternoon but start the trial on Saturday morning.

Saturday, after the trial is done for the day their is a judge’s dinner which is a potluck barbeque–club usually kicks in with some fresh caught fish!!

You can enter on line at www.akc.org using the “my AKC” function or download a premium here and mail it in with check before the trial closes on July 22 at 11pm.

We are also so glad to be offereing a Junior Handlers entry fee rate-unfortunately the online system can’t support this options so please do paper entry for that. btcww-2017-lakebay-premium

There is dry camping at the site for $15 a day paid to the club—there are a few places in the trees for tent campers and a large field above the baseball field for RV’s and overflow parking. Camping next to the field is reserved for trial staff but we did have a few spots last year.

Safe Travels Theresa and the cardigans

Happy National Pure Breed Day

On St Paddy's everyone is Irish--Today every dog is pure of heart!
On St Paddy’s everyone is Irish–Today every dog is pure of heart!

Dobby is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi but the great laugh is how often I am asked if he is corgi mixed with border collie

Since childhood I read all I could about the history and purpose of various breeds of dogs. Learning about hte origin of a breed is a type of travelogue and history lesson for me.  I guess I am a dog version of a bird watcher with a life list of what I have petted in person. So take today to learn about a breed you think you might like to own (both breeds if you are looking at a designer dog) or a rare breed that is new to our shores.

Or just learn a bit more about my breed, the Cardigan is the older of the two corgi breeds (Pembrokes have the bunny butts). Not variations or types but actual separate breeds, they were interbreed for a number of decades after the railroads opened up the Welsh valleys and coastline.  Personality-wise the Cardigan (the one with the tail and all the color variations including blue merle) is more like a teenager–full of sarcasm and able to appreciate irony, working hard to show you how much they know already.  They are a big dog on short legs–we know this because they can out-shed a German Shepherd Dog.


AKC Agility B Match- Argus Ranch Auburn WA

Thirty minutes after the trial ends on Saturday March 25th (figure that is around 530)  there will be an agility  B match. A B Match runs exactly like a show, but with no scoring. You may use toys and you can train in the ring. There will be a time limit per run of 90 seconds. The cost is $5.00 per run. You must fill out an entry form and entries will be taken day of show. The dog does not have to be entered in the show to run in the match.

Here is a link to a post about what to expect when you do an AKC agility B Match at Argus Ranch in particular.


Nationals with a Capital N or how to build you Dog Sport Karma

In dog sports, the term “Nationals” means an annual event for that sport (conformation, agility, rally, obedience), breed (Pugs, Poodles, Pumis) &/or organization (AKC, UKC, CPE, NADAC, ASCA). For example: American Kennel Club (AKC) as an organization hosts Agility Nationals. Dogs that are registered and compete in AKC agility events at the Master level and meet the annual criteria will be invited to attend this event and compete against other dog/handler teams from all over the US (and Canada too!). The next AKC Agility Nationals will be in Perry GA March @4-26 2017.

Breed groups in AKC, for example, also have annual meet ups where only that breed competes in various performance sports depending on the breed of dog (Herding for shelties, Hunting for Gordon Setters, Lure Coursing for Greyhounds) as well as the companion sports (agility, obedience, rally, tracking) that the club thinks people would like to compete in for the week. If they expect that there aren’t enough folks to have an event of just that one breed they may hold small All Breed trials but only give prizes to the host breed. Of course, the historical foundation of these events is confirmation so you can see the depth of the stock that makes up your breed.

An example of this type of event in our own backyard is the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America (http://www.acdca.org/ ) Nationals to be held here in the Pacific Northwest. Events will be held in and around Lacey WA from September 18th to 23rd. As you can see by the schedule of events the club will hold agility for just Cattle Dogs on Sunday and herd trials on the last two days at a local facility.

The Australian Shepherd Club of America (www.ASCA.org ) will be hosting its 2016 National in Albany OR September 9-17. While this organization allows mixed breeds and other pure breeds to participate in its various programs The National and its pre-event warm up competitions are only for Australian Shepherds who have met the requirements to compete.

Now that being said you should know that these various types of Nationals are held a different locations around the US depending on a number of factors such as regional clubs willing to do the support work and the necessary facilities being fairly close to each other. Because the population is spread out over greater distances, Nationals held west of the Mississippi tend to be smaller and need more help from the dog sport community at large.

With the is in mind, if you would like to lend a hand bar setting or stewarding or course building or anything that you already have a skill at with either of the above events you can contact the trial chairs directly. Let them know what you can help with—sometimes they need folks who are not entered to drive judges around or to help pack equipment up at the end of the whole production—and the times you are available.

Budgets are tight so don’t have any expectations of more than a few refreshments but these are wonderful opportunities to watch a great many dogs compete in a unique environment and perhaps get you interested in upping your own dog sport bucket list.

Here is Althea with the ribbons she won for herding, rally, and agility at the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National in Ca in 2007.
Here is Althea with the ribbons she won for herding, rally, and agility at the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National in CA in 2007. And yes she was the SMALLEST Cardigan Corgi at the Nationals that year.


Goin’ to an Agility Match OUTSIDE!!

 This Saturday the Boston Terrier Club of Western Washington is having an AKC all breed agility trial at Lakebay Wa. They are hosting an agility B Match after the trial day is done around 230 pm. We also are having a Judges dinner BBQ/potluck starting around 3pm so bring a dish to share as we have stuff to toss on the grill. We also will have a few vendors if you would like to come early and shop.

The trial and the match are outside on grass with sheep fencing (large open squares of light weight net fencing). Back in March I gave you post about a B Match at Argus with lots of good information so you may want to read that if you didn’t see it the first time.   This modifies the information you need for an outside match. marshal bends in two to weave

First and foremost you must have a recall because we are outside on grass with sheep fencing as a ring barrier. There are no walls, there are no gates, a dog could run out of the ring and the ball field and get hurt or hurt someone else.

Again, the match I am describing is an AKC (www.akc.org) event which means dogs must be under control at all times and on leash everywhere except in the ring and at the warm up jump. If you do not have off leash control you are not ready for a match yet. Dogs may not be on a prong or corrective collar on the show grounds—martingales are okay but dog is expected to run in flat or rolled buckle collar for safety. While flexi/retractable leashes are permitted on the grounds they are not a good idea at trials because you should come to the line on a proper leash and (IMO) when walking your dog at an outside trial there is even more things to get tangled– humans or pop-up shade tent legs or chairs.

This type of match does allow toy rewards but NO FOOD on the course. It is extremely difficult to get crumbs out of the grass and no one wants to lose a Sunday qualifying run to treats that fell out of a pocket Saturday night. Dogs must meet the same criteria for the match as for a trial—they must be over 15 months in good health and have an AKC number (http://www.akc.org/register/?pre=breeder&activity=puppy MIXED BREEDS are welcomed in agility as well as other sports). Don’t forget need to be careful with your verbal corrections—nothing so harsh or loud as to upset bystanders. Again, if there is a serious problem or mishap the club must report it to AKC and punishments can be assigned for serious offenses even for a match.

A match for training purposes is for dogs and handlers that know how to safely engage the equipment on a course but you don’t have to do all the course as designed. It is NOT for LEARNING the EQUIPMENT but for experienced teams to practice skills (start line stays, wraps, contacts, serpentines, weave poles, shorter sequences) in the very different environment of an outdoor trial and for new teams to see where they are on the agility journey. You don’t want to put a dog in this type of match if they have never done the equipment or never been in such a stimulating environment. Why?? Because you don’t want your dog hurt by doing the equipment incorrectly nor do you want your dog to become afraid of the equipment or the environment and, since you are limited in your use of rewards and corrections, you don’t want them to become ring-wise (that is where they know you can’t get after them or bribe them like you do at home when they are being naughty or crazy)

Althea on grass
Althea on grass

We are offering a match for training purposes this weekend at Volunteer Park in Lakebay Wa on the Key Peninsula. It is a lovely park with a couple nice open spaces and a little forested walk. It is a site that has hosted AKC agility trials for years so the club is very happy to be part of that tradition. We expect to START the match around 230pm but with outside trials anything might happen to affect how the trial runs, so be flexible. When you arrive, leave your dog in the car. Get the lay of the land. Get a plan. then potty the dog. The sounds and energy level of outdoor trials is very different from places like Argus but still watch yourself and your dog in the path ways to the rings as folks are running back and forth.

We typically have you (or someone you have do it for you) sign up $5/90 seconds (cash check or worker voucher) during the day of the match (in this case Saturday August 6). You may do which ever      ring(s) you want as many times as you want (at $5 for each 90 seconds) but be aware that can be a long time when you are working on your plan…or trying to get a dog to come to you. You will sign up by jump height and you may jump whatever height you wish. (IMO) jump lower for working on your handling or problem solving or a new place and regular height for conditioning. Also jump lower if the grass is damp or slick—I hear the weather should be in the 70’s.

You may park wherever there is room and there is overflow parking/camping in a field above the trial area. Just follow the road you come in on straight past the ball fields and up the dirt hill.

The Trial Secretary’s table should be not far from the rings so please


don’t drag your dog up to the secretary table to ask questions. You usually sign up for matches by the Secretary Table as well as find out when the measuring official is available. I will be wearing my new brown ball cap with this logo

To be officially measured you need an AKC number (http://www.akc.org/register/?pre=breeder&activity=puppy ) to be sound and over 15 months old. If you would like an unofficial measurement or to get your dog use to the measuring process please ask for assistance as the wicket is expensive and we don’t want it knocked about.

Since this is a public park it is imperative that you pick up any and all pet waste you come across or your dog deposits. There is no off leash area around the rings and the big field also has campers using it so you should not be off leash there either. Also, other folks may not have the recall they THINK they have when their dog sees your dog or your dog sees their tennis ball/Frisbee/stick. Don’t assume anyone wants their dog to interact with yours.

Again if you don’t know about the mental preparation of going into the ring –even to practice—please understand from the perspective of those of us who are running dogs (IMO). Please let us focus on the course and our dog before and after our run. Don’t come ring side and start chatting about our breed or want to tell us how the run looked or ask questions about strategies. We are trying to focus on the job at hand and build the bond with our dog—who is getting amped about running before we go in and demanding praise and cookies when we get out. We may be running to get our next dog so timing is precious. Ask questions or share observations once everything is settled back down for that handler. This is especially important to those who are agility instructors—students might want to film their runs for discussion later but please let them enjoy the time with their dog.

Trialing outdoors can be a great deal of fun but it does offer a different level of challenges. Hope I haven’t overwhelmed you but, the more you know and plan and train, then the better and more successful your agility career will be.

 Safe travels, Theresa and the Cardis


Don’t miss the summer fun in LAKEBAY WA!

 The Boston Terrier Club of W Wa still has room in the Summer Agility Trial.

You know how I like all things vintage. Well this trial celebrates the long history of AKC all breed agility on the Key Peninsula. Just like it was “back in the day” this is a one judge (Paula Ratoza) trial held outside on grass at Volunteer Park in Lakebay WA August 5, 6 & 7.

Friday starts around noon and is Excellent/Masters only—STD then JWW then Premier STD and finally Premier JWW. The park has a family movie showing on Friday night should you be among the dry-campers staying over at the venue.

Saturday we start with FAST (Excellent-Masters/Open/Novice) then Excellent STD, Excellent JWW, Open STD, Open JWW, Novice STD, Novice JWW. After the trial is done for the day we will have an agility B Match (need not be entered in trial but since we have have only deer fencing around the rings your dog does need a good recall) and the judge’s dinner which is a potluck barbeque

Sunday we start with Time 2 Beat to get the folks going then Excellent STD, Excellent JWW, Open STD, Open JWW, Novice STD, Novice JWW.

When we publicize the event, we let the public know we have vendors so feel free to bring whatever you sell even if it is not dog related. You can also organize a swap and shop with your friends if you are clearing out cupboards!

You can enter on line at www.akc.org using the “my AKC” function or download a premium here and mail it in with check before the trial closes on July 22 at 6pm.

There is dry camping at the site for $15 a day paid to the club—there are a few places in the trees for tent campers and a large field above the baseball field for RV’s and overflow parking. Camping next to the field is reserved for trial staff.

Safe Travels Theresa and the cardigans

B Match – Obedience/Rally all breed – Labs in Renton

pslra logo

The Lab club is holding a B/OB Match in Renton at Carco Park (also know as Cedar River Park and just off Hwy 167)  on June 18th.

Here is the link to the flier and you will definitely want to read it thru for all the details like who to send entries to and the schedule for the day, as well as, the handy map to the location.

As I understand it the Confirmation B Match is labs only. The Obedience and Rally OB Match is all breed. Please remember that this is an AKC event so rules about equipment and corrections  apply while you are on the “show grounds” You may download the match rulebook from the AKC.org site.



We hold the match in the park (waterpark, community center, ball diamond) in Renton just off 405 at the Maple Valley exit… don’t remember the name offhand.



Fun Match -Obedience/Rally all-breed-Newfies in New Location

Just a reminder that the  Newfie fun match still has room


Outside, rain or shine!

New Location! 22117 – 40th St. E, Buckley, WA 98321

Obedience – pre-registration: first run $11.00, additional runs with same dog $9.00

Rally – pre-registration: $6.00 per 5 minute ticker

Newfoundland Conformation – pre-registration: $8.00

Pre-Registration must be received by Wednesday, June 8th

Questions: Contact Michelle Fuqua at mfuqua@centurylink.net

Download the flier here 2016 NCS Fun Match Flyer

AKC-Agility-Chuckanut Summer trial

chuckanut logo

One of my favorite trials is opening soon. This is just in from the trial secretary Marian Snapp.

The premium for the summer trial held at the NW WA Fairgrounds in Lynden, WA is available at www.chuckanutdogtraining.org.  Online entries available at R2Agility when the trial opens.

We’re looking forward to having Jan Skurzynski and Dale Mahoney of Idaho judging for us. Four Premier classes are offered – JWW Friday night, STD Saturday afternoon, and JWW and STD on Sunday. Friday evenings runs, as usual, are Exc/Masters only for the STD and JWW courses.

Our great volunteer lunches will be back for this trial. Yeah! Also, check the premium for information on the Oxford Inn & Suites that is the host hotel for July’s trial participants.

If you have questions, please contact me at agilgolden@comcast.net or call 360.305.0593. We hope you will join us in July. Marian Snapp

Dr. Patti Schaefer is back on her feet

canisport logoDr. Patti Schaefer took a bit longer to get back to her vet practice than she had planned but she is finally back on the road to see her patients —just in time for the summer dog sport season. Patti is still recovering the stamina and strength you need do battle with the traffic in our area so her on-site clinics in Olympia, Tacoma and Kent have been limited in the number of returning clients she can see. Patti wanted me to pass along her heartfelt thanks at all the support the community sent her way as she recovered from her surgery to fix her broken hip.

Dr Patti’s availability at Family Dog Training Center in Kent is located on their website at  http://www.familydogonline.com/dr-patti-schaefer/  Email office@familydogonline.com  with your first two choices to be put on the schedule.

For her Tacoma and Olympia availability contact Patti directly here: www.Canisport.com


Life is Dog

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