UKI-Agility-Red Hot Rovers

December Red Hot Rover UKI trial at Argus Ranch in Auburn WA is now OPEN. The information below was sent by trial secretary Christine Vosburgh Premium is here

Besides offering Speedstakes and International Classes we will also be having a Master Series Heat which consists of an agility and jumping run with prize money being awarded!  You can read all about it on page 3 of the premium. They will be doing a DogToy exchange as well.
Judges are:  Heather Kaluza-Friday and Saturday
Robyn Veenema – Sunday

The schedule and classes are below.
Friday Afternoon-Trial Opens: 11 AM
Briefing/Walk Thru: 11:30 PM
Afternoon Runs Start at 12 PM

Friday Evening- Trial Opens: 6 PM
Briefing/Walk Thru: 6:00 PM
Evening Runs Start at 6:30 PM

Saturday/Sunday-Trial opens: 8:00 AM
Briefing/Walk Thru: 8:30 AM
Judging Starts: 9:00 AM

Ring1 Agility – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners, Nursery
Ring2 Speedstakes – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring1 Agility 2 – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners

EVENING RUNS – Starting at 6:30 PM

Ring1 Agility 3 – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring2 Jumping – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners

SAT & SUN RUNS – Starting at 8:00 AM

Ring1 Agility – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring2 Jumping – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring 1 Masters Heat Agility – All Levels
Ring 2 Masters Heat Jumping – All Levels
Ring1 Agility 2 – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring2 Speedstakes- Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring1 Gamblers – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring 2 Speedstakes – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring 1 Agility – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring 2 Speedstakes2 – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring 1 Agility 2 – Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners
Ring 2 Jumping- Champ/Senior, Novice/Beginners


The popular $5 Redo Runs will be available for every class!

You must be entered in the regular run to be eligible to pay $5 to redo the run again as ‘Not For Competition’ at the end of the class. Sign up for this is on the day of the trial.

If you have not tried UKI you are missing THE most competitor friendly venue.

Bitches in season are allowed to run at the end of each class.  See page 5 of premium for more details. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY – You can enter your first trial without registering. NFC OPTION- Any run can be made ‘Not for Competition’! Use entire course time for training contacts, weaves, start lines or other things, with any non-audible training aid. No food. FRIENDLY JUMP HEIGHT OPTIONS- Any class can be done with Select Jump Height option. No spreads and your dog jumps one height lower. SPEED STAKES PROGRAM- Want to do just jumps and tunnels with your dog? This is the perfect program for any dog that is young, undergoing rehab, unmotivated on standard courses, or needs work at keeping up bars at high speeds. INTERNATIONAL STYLE COURSE DESIGN- Want to try something a little bit different? UKI courses are designed with a touch of the European flair. They are always fun but just a bit more interesting.