Dog Tags for Leashes Bags & Keys — OH MY!

Orange leash with yellow tag and blue leash with orange tag

I have a tradition of tags on dog agility LEASHES.  Tags make it easier to find the sliding bit when getting the leash on in a hurry.  If the tag is a bright color, it helps the leash runner find it in the grass or dirt after I fling the leash like a start-line stripper.

Bright Plastic Custom Tags

The “I am the Pretty One”  tag on Marshal’s orange leash was doneBright yellow tag that says Dobby #The Last Puppy for me at a local dog show by Tag Your It   (not a great website but you can see their contact info for future trials). They also did this tag for Dobby. These tags are plastic which is great for my dogs because metal tags often leave gray grime on white chest fur — especially wet, dirty, white chest hair. Yeah, I could just wash my dogs but they wouldn’t like it.

Good for a Laugh Tags

I found a great source of fun tags at our amazing West Seattle gift shop —  Alaire.  They currently have Bad Tags in stock. These are handmade in Minneapolis by a woman with three dogs to support. Here are a few I had to bring home. Notice the silicone ring around the tag? It glows in the dark & helps with tag noise (rabies and license clinking together). Going to see if it keeps the grime off the white fur.two tags in packaging one reads I'm Not Wearing Any Pants the other says I'm With Stupid

This one is on Dobby’s agility leash until we get outta Novice. ( Who am I kidding? We are never getting out of novice. ‘Cause that’s how we roll in the Shire)orange tag on blue leash around dog neck says I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM DOING

Since the tags are metal,  you can engrave the back. In fact, when you visittag sasy mischief managed the website — — not only do you have a choice of colors and seasonal tags, but you can get it engraved on the back side of the tag too. Keeping with our Harry Potter theme, I ordered this tag in LIME GREEN with “My name is Dobby  My staff is” on the back.

tags reads YOUR PEOPLE NEED TO CALL ME PEOPLEI think this is the one for Marshal now that we are all food distribution systems for the elder dog.


Click and Treat

NOW the best part — BAD TAGS has an affiliate program so here is a link for a 15% off coupon on your first order!! Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter (good for a laugh and a sneak peek of new tags) and  Rewards Program (where you can rack up the cookies faster than a Basset Hound at Sunday School). Personally, I have started a wishlist for tags that I love on the site, but don’t wait because I just learned the hard way that not all tags are available ALL the time.

Holiday Gift Tags

Not only are dog tags going to be great holiday gifts — think easy to mail  — but I have a bunch of uses for them.  With the option of bright colors and the ability to order tags with a name, phone number or email on the back, these are great to attach to the things that get left at trials. Imagine getting your keys, phones, chairs, nice treat bags, cameras cases,  even training bags back to you before you drive off at the end of a trial day. Not to mention laptop cases and backpacks. Honestly, the stuff trial secretaries pick up at the end of a big weekend is amazing.

Gotta feed the dogs!

Theresa and the Cardis