March BTWW at Argus update

always working on the computer

My continued struggle with technology reaches a new low as some exhibitors—who have never had a problem in the past—were not receiving their confirmation emails nor my direct reply to their emails. Turns out that when we renewed my Office 365 it hijacked my email settings at my web host. Hopefully it is fixed now—I had to wait 48 hours to be sure the (hold on for tech jargon) DNS was completely repopulated.

Because I don’t know how long this has been going on I am sending this message to everyone in my agility and obedience trial databases AND Facebook AND my newsletter folks. Apologies for the repeats but I could not think of any other way to reach folks.

If I have processed you for the March BTCWW all breed AKC agility trial you will be getting another (or maybe the first to actually reach you) email with confirmation attached.

Maybe you would like to join us for the March trial at Argus Ranch in Auburn WA?? Here is a direct link to the Premium

Thank you for your patience Theresa



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