Happy National Pure Breed Day

On St Paddy's everyone is Irish--Today every dog is pure of heart!
On St Paddy’s everyone is Irish–Today every dog is pure of heart!

Dobby is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi but the great laugh is how often I am asked if he is corgi mixed with border collie

Since childhood I read all I could about the history and purpose of various breeds of dogs. Learning about hte origin of a breed is a type of travelogue and history lesson for me.  I guess I am a dog version of a bird watcher with a life list of what I have petted in person. So take today to learn about a breed you think you might like to own (both breeds if you are looking at a designer dog) or a rare breed that is new to our shores.

Or just learn a bit more about my breed, the Cardigan is the older of the two corgi breeds (Pembrokes have the bunny butts). Not variations or types but actual separate breeds, they were interbreed for a number of decades after the railroads opened up the Welsh valleys and coastline.  Personality-wise the Cardigan (the one with the tail and all the color variations including blue merle) is more like a teenager–full of sarcasm and able to appreciate irony, working hard to show you how much they know already.  They are a big dog on short legs–we know this because they can out-shed a German Shepherd Dog.


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