March BTWW at Argus update

always working on the computer

My continued struggle with technology reaches a new low as some exhibitors—who have never had a problem in the past—were not receiving their confirmation emails nor my direct reply to their emails. Turns out that when we renewed my Office 365 it hijacked my email settings at my web host. Hopefully it is fixed now—I had to wait 48 hours to be sure the (hold on for tech jargon) DNS was completely repopulated.

Because I don’t know how long this has been going on I am sending this message to everyone in my agility and obedience trial databases AND Facebook AND my newsletter folks. Apologies for the repeats but I could not think of any other way to reach folks.

If I have processed you for the March BTCWW all breed AKC agility trial you will be getting another (or maybe the first to actually reach you) email with confirmation attached.

Maybe you would like to join us for the March trial at Argus Ranch in Auburn WA?? Here is a direct link to the Premium

Thank you for your patience Theresa



UPDATE!! AKC-Obedience & Rally Trial – Mt Hood Doberman Pinscher Club

mhdpc logoI have gotten caught up on the Mt Hood Doberman Pincher Club (MHDPC) AKC All Breed Rally and Obedience micro trial at Clark County Fairgrounds on February 5th.

There is still room in all classes because we have split both rally and obedience between the judges to better accommodate the UDX / REA crowd.

Trial closes January 20, 2016 and is PAPER entry only so you need to get your entry in the mail NOW!!

Here is the link to the premium on my website under Upcoming Events Got questions?? Email me at with MHDPC in the subject line.


getting caught up today on the Elma trial

By the time this message posts I hope to be caught up with all the entries for the Boston Terrier of W WA  Trial that is closing FRIDAY December 18th.

There is still room and still time to get into this all breed AKC agility trial held in Elma WA Jan 1, 2, &3 . We start both rings at 10:30 am on Friday with Premier STD (then Excellent/Open/Novice) and Novice JWW (Open/Excellent/Premier). Saturday and Sunday we start at 8:30 am with Time2Beat (E/O/N STD) and FAST (N/O/E JWW)

Here is a link to the premium You can always use the your MY AKC account at to sign up on line.

If you will be in Seattle this week and want to drop off an entry here are directions (close the gate behind you!)

 Feel free to email me to confirm that I have gotten your entry because this a tough time of year for the internet and the mail services.

In the meantime enjoy this cute picture of my new puppy

Dobby at 10 weeks taken by Jerry &Lois photography Holiday Photos | Family Dog Training Center | 2015 © Jerry and Lois Photography All rights reserved
Dobby at 10 weeks taken by Jerry &Lois photography
Holiday Photos | Family Dog Training Center | 2015
© Jerry and Lois Photography
All rights reserved

AKC-Agility-Elma New Years

it is that time again--Boston @ Elma hosting the all breed AKC agility trial
it is that time again–Boston @ Elma hosting the all breed AKC agility trial

Hey gang I have posted a corrected premium for the BTCWW all breed agility trial that is held in Elma WA January 1, 2 & 3 2016.

Here is the direct link to the Corrected Premium which has Premier added to the entry form and a few things changed to match AKC’s requirements. They have a standard premium they want us to use to be sure that  admin information is consistent.

The trial closes 12/18 so don’t wait to send in your entry–we don’t cash checks until after closing–and you don’t want to be thinking about this as you are winging your way to  AKC Invitational or holiday gatherings!! You can always use the your MY AKC account at to sign up on line. I should have those entries caught up later today

Travel safe and dry!


AKC-Obedience & Rally- Seminar for new Regualtions

AKC logoIf you show– or plan on showing– in AKC Obedience &/or Rally, then you need to make time on Thanksgiving Weekend to attend the Judges Education Seminar that is open to the dog sport community. Saturday  11/28 is Obedience and Sunday 11/29  is Rally.  Pre-Registration closes November 18th!! Click on this link  to download the registration form (pre-registration closes 11-18-15) and mail to the address noted on the form.

NEW Regulations will be taking effect on December 1st. Now is the time to bone-up and review the changes! There will be demonstrations (dog and handler in a ring) for the various exercises and how they are performed and scored. Including the new Scent Discrimination, Utility & Graduate Open Moving Stand For Examination, and the Novice Group Exercises.

The event will be held at Family Dog Training Center, 1515 Central Ave S Kent WA.

Here is a link to the new Obedience Regulations on the AKC site that take effect 12/15/15.

Here is the link to the Rally Regulations on the AKC site which were last updated 5/15.

Know Before You Show!!

Seminar-Obedience-Matthew Twitty Nov 7 & 8 & 9

had to use the pic with Boston Terrier puppy!!
had to use the pic with Boston Terrier puppy!!
Family Dog Training Center in Kent WA is hosting Matthew Twitty on November 7 (Happy Heeling) & 8 (Open& Utility) & 9 (Private Lessons). Matthew’s students and seminar participants on the East Coast rave about him. He works with a wide range of folks and dogs teaching the skills to get perfect scores, but presented for regular people and dogs. Lots of problem solving opportunities. Lots of different breeds train with him.

Here’s a link to the online registration— As of this writing there are plenty of auditing spots but only ONE Saturday working spot, One Saturday & Sunday working spot and FOUR Sunday working spots. There may also be a few spots left for Monday private lessons:
Here’s a link to the PDF flyer if you would like to pass the information on:
FULL DISCLOSURE—I am the office lady at Family Dog AND I am going to be at this seminar. Some of you know I NEVER do seminars because I barely process all the information my instructors have been telling me for years! But, as I will discuss in future blog posts, I think I am better able to process additional information about how to train my next performance puppy for competition obedience because I have a better picture of what I am working towards. And by jingo who doesn’t want Happy Heeling!!

Some dets (as the kids say) about Matt: Matt has a newer border collie he just brought out in Open two weeks ago. Three legs in a row with scores above 198. A couple months prior he just brought the dog out in Novice and earned her CD with two HITs. Between those two things he went to a Florida invitational obedience competition and went HIT over 300 other dogs. His dogs are not perfect; he’s been very open about sharing his struggles and creative ways he’s working through his dogs’ problems on his social media.
Matt’s website is somewhat limited as he’s working to get it updated: Lots more info and videos of him and his dogs on his Facebook page:

Elma New Year’s agility trial is now open!!

it is that time again--Boston @ Elma hosting the all breed AKC agility trial
it is that time again–Boston @ Elma hosting the all breed AKC agility trial

Trial-Agility-AKC BTCWW all breed agility trial opened 10/9 and closes 12/18. Two Rings indoors on dirt Two Judges Three Days.

You may enter online at using your “My AKC” account or download the premium from site under the Upcoming Events page

I am your trial secretary so email me at with BTCWW NEW YEARS in the subject line as I will have multiple trials open.

We are offering all levels all three days but remember for this trial the club likes Saturday and Sunday to have FAST and T2B run first so we have a little time in case the roads are less than perfect (they say a mild wet winter but who knows three months down the road).

Please note!! For this event we have first dog on the line Friday at 10am. That is  AFTER we build the rings and set up the trial so plan on arriving a little early to help get set up. It is just too expensive for the club to pay for Thursday set up—it is not just the facility it is also the extra lodging and such.